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Never far from an altered state, Spent is the original  west coast perversion of our names sake. Hellbent on raising the disobedience and blood alcohol of all who stand before us. Now let us begin...

Spent is a agitated three piece,  born in Seattle out of frustration in 2001 for something desireably raw and palateable, with nothing more than the basic guitar, drums, and bass. It was a start and stop beginning, but in 2003 everything came together to what it is now, an audible abortion, but our abortion none the less. We've all been around the block a few times in different bands, made a few friends along the way, burned  many bridges (sometimes not enough), but whatever you may have heard about Spent is probably true, but then again,we really don't care. Spent has a bad reputation, one that we never really gave a fuck about. Always remember, people come and people go, but Spent will always remain. Playing our black hearts out at any and all clubs, dives, and parties we can find just to have fun, meet like minded people, and get wasted once the job is done.  No room for the laborious/boring guitar leads or political ranting's, just pure emotional distaste evolving through the cycles of anger and hatred to a state of harmonious honesty. A state of today within the walls of this spent nation.